My daughter had such a wonderful experience at Kids Communication Corner.  Emily worked specifically to meet the speech needs of my daughter at the level and speed that were just right for her.  My daughter loved going this see 'Ms. Emily' so much every week.  I found my daughter's excitement about therapy to be such a testament to Emily's personal approach to speech therapy.   


My son, while an early talker, always had difficulties pronouncing his R’s and L’s.  In first and second grade, we were told ‘It’s normal. He will outgrow it by the time he is eight years old’. On his ninth birthday, we realized that he was not going to outgrow it.  We had him tested thru the school system. He qualified for speech therapy at school.  That process took a couple of months. He had one speech session at school before summer vacation started. The following fall, he started speech at school again.  We soon realized that the minimal amount of time allotted for group speech sessions at school was not going to correct his speech as quickly as we felt it needed to be addressed.  We had already lost a lot of time.  Then we found Emily D.  Within three sessions with Emily, we saw great improvement in my son’s speech.  Emily is so conscientious. She planned each session to work on specific areas.  After each session, she sent home instructions for ‘homework’. The most important thing is Emily’s enthusiasm and energy.  She was able to engage and motivate a nine/ten year old boy.  My son didn’t feel like it was work.  He enjoyed his sessions with Emily. She played games, she used IPad apps, she had him speak about things that interested him – she used all sorts of tactics to have him work on his speech while captivating his attention.  We would highly recommend Emily.

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